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TeamLynq is the premiere social networking app for football clubs across the EU, allowing players and coaches to communicate and collaborate efficiently. Click to View Features

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TeamLynq™ enables your sports team to communicate and interact effectively within a secure digital platform. Players and Coaches interact throughout the season, with our video communication app and user-enabled push notifications.


Using FileLynq™, the TeamLynq App allows collaboration and sharing of digital content such as gameplans, playbooks or photos of key matchups and formations. Players can sync devices with a swipe gesture, share notes and mark-up files within a "Lynq group."


The TeamLynq App platform ensures a sports team's content and communication is secure and properly encrypted. With our cloud-based system, team messages, notifications and proprietary digital assets are securely stored and archived.


Players and coaches are always on the move. Team preparation and organization is a 24-7 operation. With the TeamLynq App for iPad®, sports teams communicate and collaborate using a secure cloud platform accessible from anywhere with access to WiFi.


TeamLynq™ enables your football club to communicate and interact effectively within a secure digital platform. Players & Team Managers collaborate more effectively using our video communication app and server-enabled push notifications.

In-App Chat

TeamLynq's in-App chat module allows players and coaches to communicate via instant message or live video. Users can schedule meetings, share files and annotate docs in real-time and with real speed.

TeamLynq iPad App

in-App chat platform syncs with a team's central database to include all users within a selected group. Other features include:


  • Simultaneous video conversations
  • Location tracking for team members
  • Instant messaging
  • SMS messaging (iPhone)
  • Screen sharing for collaboration
  • File sharing and annotation tools
  • Automated backup and archiving
  • Push notifications of meeting updates

Player Profiles

TeamLynq™ team management platform provides Coaches with a robust web-based system for managing users. Players receive individual profiles, or "team cards" with personal stats, goals and all connections (Lynqs), within the team.

TeamLynq iPad App

Player Profiles give Coaches and Managers robust flexibility to:


  • Create and manage user profiles and stats
  • Add new members and group permissions
  • Add real-time stats and weekly scores
  • Integrate social media profiles for users
  • Customize to include personal avatars
  • Delete users and restrict access to content
  • Tag video and playbook content remotely
  • Push notifications from one remote location
  • Send group SMS messages to users' phones
  • Create MyLynqs accounts for each player


FileLynq is our proprietary technology allowing users to easily share digital files across approved devices by wirelessly "Lynqing" two or more devices. A simple swipe gesture seamlessly "slides" a file from one device to another.

FileLynq for iPad Players and coaches



TeamLynq Founders Erik Lindstrøm & Michael Rojkind

TeamLynq was founded by Erik Lindstrøm & Michael Rojkind over the course of two long years and several hundred pounds of espresso beans. Originally from Oslo, Norway, Lindstrøm left his home country early in his career to become UX Director at NexApp where he developed mobile apps for Fortune 500 companies and global brands. After a brief stint as a software developer for tech startups in Berlin and San Francisco, Lindstrøm met Michael Rojkind, a fine arts student from Stuttgart, Germany.


Lindstrøm and Rojkind began designing mobile apps for consumer use, primarily in the sports and entertainment industry across Europe. With a focus on usability and interface design, the "dynamic duo" became young entrepreneurs with a passion for developing digital experiences in emerging markets.

TeamLynq specializes in digital marketing solutions for top-tier European sports teams and corporations interested in consolidating in-house business operations and facilitating communication and collaboration. The TeamLynq App enables Player and Coach interaction within a secure cloud-based platform.


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TeamLynq™ is based in Norway & Germany and operates across Europe. For support or software-related questions, email us. Otherwise, click here to schedule a consultation or demo.

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